Various Scientific Studies Support TNR

Alley Cat Allies, a non-profit organization which is a leading advocate of Trap-Neuter-Return as the humane and effective approach to reducing, controlling and managing feral cats, has published a number of research papers supporting TNR.

“Key Scientific Studies on Trap-Neuter-Return” states that cats benefit from TNR their entire lives, that by eliminating mating behaviors, TNR makes cats better neighbors, and that multiple long-term studies of TNR have show that the size of managed colonies decreases over time.  The research document summarizes a number of studies done in the United States and Europe.  The document can be found at

“Feral Cats and the Public – A Healthy Relationship” provides information stating that science shows that feral cat colonies pose no disease risk to humans.  The entire research document can be found at

A number of studies have been done related to the claim that feral and domestic cats are a major threat to the bird population.  Many of these claims have been exaggerated and are counter-studied by various resources.  The following links provide additional information:



Since starting the TNR program at the end of 2012, volunteers with Community Cats TNR have seen first hand the positive results for both cats and neighborhoods that follows when the free-roaming cats are Trapped-Neutered- and Returned.  Caregivers are reporting to us that the cats are healthier, are no longer roaming as much, and are no longer exhibiting the bad behavior related to mating.  All are reporting relief that there are no new kittens and many are reporting that they are seeing a reduction in the total number of cats.